This business is no longer operating.
The web site exists only for historical purposes.

About Andrew Host, (trading as 3D Photo Memories)

I've been taking 3D photos, also referred to as stereo photos, since 1980, initially with two parallel cameras, but then with a dedicated 3D camera, a Stereo Realist camera from the USA.

After briefly dabbling with a pair of Nikon film cameras, and then a Loreo 3D lens on a Canon EOS SLR camera, I embraced the digital era with a pair of SDM enabled Canon cameras.

Now I'm taking stereo photos with the latest Fuji dedicated 3D camera.

I'm now offering my stereo photographic expertise as a commercial service, under the trading name, 3D Photo Memories. My services are ideal for weddings and other special occasions.

Andrew Host with his Canon 3D rig. The picture is slightly blurry because it's a 3D photo designed to be looked at with red/cyan 3D glasses.

I've been taking 3D photos for a long time.

Click on the image of me with my Canon cameras to see the history of the cameras I've used.